Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How much is the entry fee?

Registration for the DUI is AUD$25. This includes participation in both tournaments (Brisbane and Canberra) and the training session in Newcastle.

Players only attending one of the tournaments are still required to pay the full $25.


How does one pay?

Options for payment are:

Direct transfer to an Australian bank account.

Direct transfer to a German bank account.

International juggers may arrange to pay cash at the tournament - but only if they arrange by email to do so.


How do I register for the DUI?

Registration forms for the DUI can be found here.


Is registration only per person, or can I register a whole team?

Each player must be registered individually, and the registration form only supports registering one player at a time. However, a team captain can use the form multiple times to register individuals on their behalf. During the process, you will be prompted to select a team, so it will be clear who belongs with whom.


How do I register as a mercenary?

During the registration process, when prompted to select a team during simply select "Mercenary" from the list.

Once you have a team, change your registration details to update this information.


Can I change my registration details?

Yes. Except for your email address. After you submit your form, an email will be sent to you with the link required to edit your registrations form.


What is the minimum age for participation in the DUI?

The Australian Jugger League wishes to create an inclusive environment for all participants of the Down Under International. As such, the minimum age to compete in the DUI will be 13 years. It is advised that children this young are very familiar with the game and are confident on the field.

Please note, children under the age of 16 years will be required to have a parent/guardian present at all times, and have a parent/guardian sign a form stating that they will watch/monitor the child for the duration of the DUI, during both official and unofficial events. You can download and print this form here



How do I find other mercenaries with which to form a team?

A list of registered players and their teams or mercenary status is displayed on the registration page. You are welcome to contact other mercs and form a team. Teams are also welcome to contact mercs to fill up their numbers. We encourage you to use the Facebook event page or the Tournaments section of the forums to organise your teams.

Any mercs without a team on tournament day will be assigned to a team on or before the day.


How many teams can I play for?

Players are only permitted to play for one team per tournament. Exceptions may be allowed if teams lose significant numbers during the tournament due to injuries, etc. For example, if two teams lose too many players and are unable to continue, they may be allowed to merge and form a new team. Team rankings will be adjusted to account for this.


How do I register to play for multiple teams?

Submit a new registration form for each tournament you are playing in and select the team you are playing for at that tournament.


What is the maximum team size?

Teams may field up to a maximum of eight (8) players per game


How many Australian teams are attending?

Australia has roughly 10 teams spread around the country. While we cannot say at this stage how many of them will be attending each tournament, we expect most of them to be at one tournament or the other.



Do you supply any spars/pompfen or is replacement spars available if equipment breaks/fails inspection?

The Australian Jugger League has a limited amount of club-owned spars available for use by players, and we will endeavour to ensure that as many spare pompfen are available as possible. However, we recommend you bring your own equipment if possible.


How will spars/pompfen be checked?

All equipment will be inspected prior to the tournament. Only equipment that has passed inspection is permitted to be used on the field. Equipment will be assessed in accordance with the Australian Spar Specifications.



Is hosting available? How do I request Hosting?

Yes. Hosting by local Juggers is being made available. However space is limited and priority will be given to international guests.

Use the Housing Registration form here to register your interest for hosting.

Please note: Newcastle housing is now at capacity. You will need to seek hotels/hostels/camping/etc for this city.


Where can I stay in Newcastle?

Jugger hosting for Newcastle is now full. The following locations have been recommended by the locals:

Freemans and Frazer Campgrounds: $8 per verhicle + $33 per site. Approx 45 minutes south

CBD Hotel: $77 per night

The Burwood Inn: $70 per night

The Criterion: $72 per night

Commonwealth Hotel: $77 per night

The Crown and Anchor: $35 per night

Backpackers Newcastle: 4 and 6 bed doors from $32 per night

Backpackers by the Beach: $35 per night

Newcastle Tighes Hill Accommodation: $80 per night

Newcastle Beach YHA: dorm beds from $38 per night


I have space and want to host people, how should I go about doing this?

Use the Housing Registration form here to register your space available.


Locations and Transport

What are the tournament field addresses? 

Brisbane Tournament:

Annerley Junior Football Club

98 Victoria Terrace, Greenslopes


Newcastle training:

Empire Park

107-109 Memorial Drive, Bar Beach


Canberra Tournament:

University of Canberra

11 Kirinari Street, Bruce.

Oval number 1


How are teams travelling between Brisbane, Newcastle, and Canberra? What days will travel occur?

Many people will be driving between these three cities, that's why we are calling the DUI a road trip afterall :)

Several cars will be making the journey, and if there are enough numbers, a bus is also being organised to transport Juggers down the coast. The tour group will leave Brisbane on Tuesday Sept 26 and arrive in Newcastle on Sept 27. The tour will leave Newcastle again on Sept 29 for a short trip to Canberra. All players are expected to be in Canberra by Sept 29 for the pre-tournament briefing and gear check.


Are people travelling to other cities after the tournament, such as Sydney and Melbourne? How are you getting there?

Yes. Some international guests have already indicated their plans to visit these cities.

For transport to Sydney, consider requesting car space with players from Brisbane or Newcastle, who will pass by Sydney on their way home.

For transport to Melbourne, fewer Juggers are located in this city but some may have car space if you're lucky.

We encourage you to use the DUI Facebook event or the Tournaments section of the forums to contact people to carpool with.


Air Travel

Which is the best airport to fly in/out of? 

Major International Airports on the East coast include Brisbane (BNE), Sydney (SYD), and Melbourne (MEL).

When flying in, consider flying directly into Brisbane if you want to avoid a connecting domestic flight (though these are readily available, see below). Some airlines also fly into the Gold Coast (OOL), which is about three hours by bus and train from Brisbane.

For access to Canberra, both Sydney and Melbourne are good airports.

For flying out of Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are good options close to Canberra, and are both great tourist cities to explore before you leave.


Where can I find cheap flights within Australia? 

Australia has multiple domestic airlines, the cheapest of which are often TigerJetstar, and Virgin.

Travel between capital cities (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) is cheap and frequent. Travel to and from smaller cities (Newcastle, Canberra) can be more limited and expensive in their options. Consider car pooling with some Aussie Juggers driving to and from the tournaments. Busses also leave from Sydney to Canberra multiple times each day, and a flight to Sydney then bus to Canberra is often much cheaper than a direct flight.

If you plan on flying in or out of Melbourne, be sure to choose Melbourne's Tullamarine airport (MEL), NOT Avalon (AVV) unless you want a long bus trip.

If you are checking in luggage, spars/pompfen are usually oversized luggage or sports equipment. Oversized luggage is usually the cheaper option.



Will I die in Australia? 

Only if you are stupid.

A lot of Australia's wildlife is amazing and there is nothing like it anywhere else in the world. Some of it is very deadly, but if you are in populated places it is unlikely you will have any problems. If you see something and you don't know what it is, assume it will kill you and treat it with respect by leaving it alone and going around it.

If you are camping, always check your equipment and shoes for creatures that like to crawl inside. Don't feed the wildlife. Don't pet any "nice looking doggies" that are really dingos. Don't attempt to catch a kangaroo or wombat. Always pick up your rubbish and dispose of it thoughtfully.

Also, there are Dropbears. Be careful :D


Can I hitch-hike to travel to the tournaments? 

Hitch-hiking is not recommended in Australia. See the film Wolf Creek (based on true events) for details  :P 
In reality, it will take a long time to hitch a lift and you will be very, very lucky to find a ride going where you want, when you want. While it is not technically illegal, you cannot disrupt traffic to do it (cars cannot stop to pick you up unless there is a place for them to pull over).



Australia being a colony of the British Empire drives on the left.

Australia is very, very big. For example Brisbane to Sydney is around 10-12 hours by car. DO NOT ATTEMPT LONG DRIVES (OVER 2HOURS) BY YOURSELF!! Travelling with friends is not only more fun, it is safer. Pull over and take a break often. Change drivers regularly.


In an emergency

Dial 000 for an emergency. Mobiles can also use 112. This connects to a person who will ask if you want police, ambulance or fire. When you dial this number, make sure you are able to give them your exact location e.g. a street address or GPS co-ordinates. You will need to stay connected until services arrive and you will usually need to give them a phone number in case you get disconnected.



Phones and internet

Australia is not known for having phone reception outside of urban areas. The biggest networks to use are: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone. The better they are, the more you pay. Keep with other juggers and you should not need to use your phone very much.

Mobile internet is slow. Very, very slow and with limited availability outside or urban area. If you are driving, download all your maps for offline use.