Road Trip

The Down Under International is a lot more than two awesome tournaments, it's also a week-long road-trip down Australia's beautiful east coast! Read on for details of what to expect...

First up, and most importantly, the DUI Road Trip will be a self-managed trip. All attendees are responsible for finding their own transport and accommodation between the tournaments in Brisbane and Canberra. Numerous local Juggers will be driving down in a great big convoy, so start by contacting them for a lift. They can also help you make accommodation plans or find camping equipment to borrow. Each car will be responsible for organising the travel and accommodation requirements among their own passengers.


IMPORTANT: If you are a driver OR someone who is seeking a lift, please fill out the following form ASAP:



There's a lot of great places to visit between Brisbane, Newcastle, and Canberra, but below is the Australian Jugger League Aussie-tastic Itinerary that we recommend people take if you want to be part of the big travelling group. However you don’t need to follow this route - you can go your own way or join up with the convoy only at points of your choosing.



The day after the Brisbane tournament, depart Brisbane in the morning and head to Illaroo Campground, Yuraygir National Park

This remote camping area is situated close to the beach and offers a chance to relax after the tournament. Go for a swim at the beach, take a bushwalk along the trails, or just chill-out at the campsite with the other Juggers.


On the way: 

Swing by Byron Bay (about 2 hours drive from Brisbane) and see one of Australia's most famous beach towns. Leave Brisbane around 9am and spend a few hours there over lunch. Take a swim in the surf, meet the local hippies, or take a walk up to the Byron Lighthouse - located at the most easterly point of Australia.




Travel map


Travel time: Approx 3h 50m from Brisbane

Cost: $24 per campsite (includes 2 people). $12 per additional person (pay on site)

Additional cost: Vehicle access permit $8 per car per day (pay on site)

Alternative location nearby (further 60 sites available)



Depart Illaroo Campground and head to Diamond Head Campground, Crowdy Bay National Park.

This beachside campground offers another chance to enjoy the beach and bushwalking trails. The campground also includes picnic tables, BBQs, showers.


On the way: 

Stop for a photo and a tasty treat at the Big Banana (just before Coffs Harbour). It's big, it's a banana, and the desserts are delicious.




Travel map


Travel time: Approx 3h 45m from Illaroo Campground

Cost: $24 per campsite (includes 2 people). $12 per additional person (pay on site)

Additional cost: Vehicle access permit $8 per car per day (pay on site)

Alternative location nearby(further 60 sites available) 

Alternative location nearby (further 70 sites available)



Depart Diamond Head Campground and head to Newcastle.

Newcastle is only a few hours away, so either get an early start and spend the day in Newcastle, or hang around the campsite and beach a little longer and head into Newcastle in the afternoon.

Once in Newcastle, check into your pre-arranged accommodation then hang our with the local Juggers for the next few days. See the FAQ for a list of recommended places to stay in Newcastle.



Field Location

Travel map


Travel time: Approx 2h 30m from Diamond Head Campground



Date of the Newcastle Training Day. Stay in town, catch up with your fellow Juggers, and get in some Aussie Jugger training.



Depart Newcastle and head for Canberra, the final location of the road trip and home of the Australian Rules Tournament.

Plan to arrive in Canberra in time to check into your accommodation or meet your hosts, and head to the gear check at 3pm.


On the way:

Take a detour through Sydney and check out the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and other touristy sites. Be warned: if you plan on visiting Sydney you will need to leave extra time to account for heavy traffic. Sydney often has terrible traffic, especially if you avoid the toll roads. Make sure you are in Canberra in time for gear check.

Stop in Goulburn and have lunch under the shade of a giant sheep's butt.



Travel map Be aware of the M2 and M7 highways around Sydney - they are toll roads

Travel time: Approx 5h from Newcastle


After Canberra

Canberra is centrally located between two capital cities: Sydney and Melbourne. Several local Juggers will be heading in both directions, so maybe you can get a lift. Melbourne even has a local Jugger club, so spend a few days and invade their training :)

Map to Sydney (3h 30m travel time)

Map to Melbourne (7h travel time)